Toka Ebisu Festival in Tokushima

Festival for business people

By Naoko Takeuchi    - 2 min read

Toka Ebisu Festival is held around the Ebisu Shrine located in the center of Tokushima city on the 10th of January. Ebisu-san (or Ebessan) is one of the Seven Gods of Fortune (Shichifuku-jin) and thought to bring fortune to everyone.

People pray here for success in their business, a great harvest, and the safety of their family. On the street to the shrine, many lucky goods and good luck charms are sold. Famous lucky goods such as “Fuku-zasa” and “Kazari Kumade” are decorated with lots of lucky items, such as large gold coins, small mallets, fish, and the face of Ebisu.

Besides the lucky goods, we can enjoy Birthday O-mikuji (100 yen). People pick out fortune cards for their own Birthday.  On the fortune card, your Chinese character and fortune for this year are written.

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