Tokushima Yokai Festival 2018

Scaring the pants off everyone every year

By Sleiman Azizi    - 1 min read

Yokai have been scaring the pants of the Japanese since day one. Often thought of as ghosts by visitors, yokai are more akin to supernatural creatures going about their work helping people or bringing misfortune to them.

In Tokushima Prefecture, Shikoku Island, the locals have taken their yokai folklore and turned it into a fun day out full of local celebration. Each November, the people of Miyoshi City hold a yokai festival where participants parade in handmade costumes as traditional yokai characters.

The somewhat remote nature of the location, an old elementary school surrounded by mountains and valleys, only adds to the charm of the festival. If you are looking for a Japan experience away from the brand name tourist spots, the Tokushima Yokai Festival could be just the thing.

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Getting there

Close to the centre of Shikoku Island, the festival is about 15-20 minutes by bus or taxi from Oboke Station. To get to Oboke, take the JR Dosan Line from Kagawa Prefecture in the north or Kochi Prefecture in the south.

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