Photo: Andrea Xie
Photo: Andrea Xie
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Akiba Base

Shooting Bar and Cafe

Please note that this venue has permanently closed since the article was published.

Who would have ever imagined that drinks and guns go together? At Akiba Base Shooting Bar and Cafe, you can sip one of their custom drinks while practicing your aim with target practice.

The Shooting Bar and Cafe

Photo: Andrea Xie

As soon as you walk out of the elevator, this bar leaves an impression. With toy guns propped up on the walls and camouflage covering the bar, you are immediately transported to another world- one filled with guns! Alongside some killer music, you can a hear a cacophony of BB gun pellets bouncing off of hard surfaces.

Photo: Andrea Xie

Akiba Base makes you feel like you are in a real-life gun range. Filled with a variety of shooting games to choose from, you can choose to play virtual reality games, zombie survival video games, and classic shooting games.

Photo: Andrea Xie

In addition to video games, there are also opportunities to shoot airsoft guns. Feel the thrill of target practice with none of the real-life danger. If you've never tried airsoft guns, do not fear! Akiba Base offers group lessons to help teach first-timers, where you can expect to spend around five minutes getting lessons and five minutes of free time to practice your new found skills.

Food And Drinks

Photo: Andrea Xie

After working up a sweat on the airsoft guns, you can enjoy some amazing food and drinks. One special drink you can indulge in is the Bullseye, an original cocktail that you can get both alcoholic and non-alcoholic! They also have a Danger Parfat, a desert that comes in a mug shaped like a grenade and chocolate molded into bullets. In addition to some specialty foods and drinks, there is a loaded bar with anything you could want to drink. For food, there is a variety of plates to choose from, while most of them fall into the Tex-Mex (a blend of Texas and Mexican food) category.

Whether you go for the VR experience, the airsoft shooting range, or the great food and drinks, you are sure to have a great time at Akiba Base Shooting Bar and Cafe!

Photo: Andrea Xie
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