Akihabara Busou Shoten

A weapons store with historically-inspired armor

By Ilona Lin   Jun 14, 2016

Akihabara Busou Shoten is a weapons and armor store that sells almost anything you can imagine! Even anime and video game weapons can be found in this store. It also contains huge collections of weaponry and armor that range from traditional Japanese swords and kunai (Japanese daggers) to leather whips and flintlock pistols. All of their products are replicas based on real weapons. Even if you are not looking into buying any armor or weapons, customers are welcome to come in and to look around.  

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Justin Velgus 2 years ago
Also, travelers should be aware weapons like this may not be allowed on flights back home or through customs. At the very least, they often must be transported and declared separately.
Justin Velgus 2 years ago
This is really cool!! I wonder how the store gets around the gun laws in Japan? Are they display only and don't shoot? Or maybe they just don't sell ammo? Do you know if there is any special requirements to purchase these? Such as being Japanese or a background check?
Ilona Lin Photographer 2 years ago
Hello Justin, these are replicas, as mentioned in the article :) They are not real, even the knives are blunt. . Also, it is really hard to legally own a gun in Japan. There are no special requirements to purchase the guns, though I believe they only ship within Japan. Also, emails with English or empty subject line will be deleted automatically, so apparently they sell these only to people who knows Japanese.