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Organic Vietnamese food in Daikanyama

By Mandy Bartok    - 2 min read

Annon Cook sits on a backstreet of the Daikanyama neighborhood, on the second floor of a clothing store. It would be all but invisible to the passersby below if not for the numerous signs and tantalizing pictures of set lunches scattered about at street level. A staircase on the side of the building leads up to a pleasantly light and airy eating space, where diners can choose from a comfy couch location in the back of the room or tables and a bar overlooking the quiet street below.

The menu at Annon Cook skews towards Vietnamese staples, with three main choices offered at lunch. Patrons can pick from a pho (Vietnamese noodles with vegetables) set, a banh mi (Vietnamese sandwich) set or a rice bowl set. All of the sets are served with a cold shrimp spring roll and a small salad. If you can’t quite decide, the menu allows for a slight bit of customization. Feel free to add a half of a banh mi sandwich or a small bowl of pho to any of the sets you choose, for a small increase in price. On average, the lunch sets alone run between ¥950 and ¥1000 and the entire menu is reputed to be organic.

Unlike most Japanese food, the offerings at Annon Cook can be on the spicy side. I wasn’t expecting the significant blast of heat from the dipping sauce that accompanied the spring roll and my steaming bowl of pho was topped with a sprinkling of red pepper flakes.

I chose to include the mini dessert with my lunch, which consisted of a small bowl of coconut tapioca with fresh fruit. It was a rather unique end to my meal and a welcome change from the usual cake or pie.

The menu at Annon Cook also sports a rather long list of beverage options, from coffee and tea to a laundry list of unique cocktails.

Annon Cook is a short three-minute walk from Daikanyama Station, and an equally short walk in the other direction to the notable T-Site, with its architecturally-impressive Tsutaya bookstore and a host of other shops and cafes.

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