Bassanova Ramen Shindaita

The world in a bowl at Setagaya-ku

By John Carter    - 1 min read

Ramen is one of Japan’s more famous dishes and restaurants can be found on pretty much every street and even in major the stations. Even though it’s a delicious dish, with it being so common there is less room for variety and most restaurants serve similar styles. There is however one restaurant that stands leagues above the rest. Bassanova in Setagaya-ku is in one word: incredible. Though serving tradition style ramen such as shouyu for example, Bassanova juxtaposes world foods with Japanese cuisine and the outcome is superb. One of the restaurant’s well-known dishes is the Thai green curry ramen so I had to try it when I visited. Rather then me trying to explain how good it was you should go and find out for yourselves.

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John Carter

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