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Bifteki Kawamura

Famed luxury steakhouse comes to Roppongi

Kawamura is a multi-award winning steakhouse widely considered to offer the best beef in the world – highest grade Kobe beef. Known for its incredible taste and the marbled, fatty, melt-in-the-mouth texture, diners can get a slice of the action from as little as 13,000 yen for 100g of this premium Japanese wagyu beef.

The Roppongi branch opened in March 2017, making it the 8th location in the Kobe-born chain, most well-known for its Ginza location and their oversubscribed waiting list.

The Kobe beef at Kawamura is arguably some of the best you can possibly eat – they only purchase champion Kobe beef at auction and even then opt for the rarer female cows (known for their extra flavour). Consider also the fact that true 'Kobe beef' label is only vested to top tier Tajima Beef Cattle which has passed strict criteria, such as pure lineage, which will make you realise how premium and in-demand true Kobe beef is.

Kawamura doesn't stop at the food quality, instead pulling out all the stops to deliver a luxury dining experience worthy of the price tag. The impressive interior mixes exposed brickwork, subtle lighting and fine-dining influences with piano notes softly humming in the background. Seating includes the oval teppan counter, as well as private rooms, with both options allowing you to witness your private chef masterfully preparing your food.

The chef's dextrous handiwork with the teppan tools is a performance unto itself, a slow crescendo of perfectly grilled garlic chips and side vegetables that leads into a climactic sizzle of fatty Kobe beef (that almost melts as it's cut) hitting the teppan. Hypnotised onlookers will jolt to attention as they realise they are moments away from some of the best tasting beef in the world — typically prepared medium rare exposing the pink fatty meat.

Kawamura offers a choice of course menu, lunch menu and a la carte, with most allowing you to choose the degree of quality of beef (Tajima beef, award-winning Kobe beef, Kuroge wagyu beef), the cut (sirloin/fillet) and amount (100g–200g).

For visitors to Japan looking to enjoy the best possible Kobe beef experience without leaving Tokyo, Bifteki Kawamura in Roppongi is the natural choice.

Getting there

Kawamura is away from the main bustle of Roppongi, in a secluded area 3 minutes walk east of Roppongi Station, near Tokyo Midtown.

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