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Bunny and Hedgehog Café

A place where you can have the best of both worlds

If you happen to love fluffy bunnies and cute prickly little hedgehogs, I may have found the perfect little place for you.

Tucked away at the end of a small street in Roppongi is HARRY the hedgehog café on the second floor and Ms. BUNNY the rabbit café on the third floor. For each café, 1000 yen on a weekday gets you cuddling time with these animals for 30 minutes, whereas if you go on a weekend or a public holiday it’s 1300 yen.

Let’s start with the rabbit café on the third floor. The place is very clean-looking – white walls and slightly girly interior. I was warmly greeted and was asked to pick a bunny to hold after paying. I chose a white rabbit with grey spots and it was such a cutie pie! It kept trying to go underneath my jacket, which was very cute and charming.

In the rabbit café there are also hedgehogs for you to hold so if you don’t want to pay again to go downstairs to hold your prickly friends, this is a good deal. On the day I visited there was a cute little doggie as well as a chinchilla, which were both available to be held.

On the second floor is the hedgehog café. This café has a much warmer interior especially with its wooden floor and furniture. There are about 25 hedgehogs here but there was also a ginkgo lizard as well so if you're a fan of reptiles and have somehow ended up here, not all hope is lost!

Plan on taking a bunny or a hedgehog home? You’ll be delighted to know that these two cafés are also pet shops and yes, some animals are for sale! Other than the animals, you can also get products and services you need to enjoy your time with your rabbit or hedgehog.

It is important to note that both Ms. BUNNY and HARRY offer the same pricing system so if you want to visit both cafés you would have to pay the same amount for each. Also, if you want to take pictures with your digital camera or DSLR, there will be an additional charge of 500 yen. Both cafés do not have a very large space and hence there may have to join a queue outside when you arrive since this is a very popular place even among the locals. If possible avoid coming here on weekends and public holidays, as those are the days that will guarantee a longer waiting time

Ms. BUNNY and HARRY are located only a minute away from Roppongi Station, which makes it super convenient for anyone wanting to get their dose of fluff and prickly cuteness.

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Novia Mardasari 3 years ago
I want go there..
Anonymous 7 years ago
Jeradyne Cheong Author 7 years ago
I know right! Can't resist =D
Jihad Mahmoud 7 years ago
Two in the same place. Epic!
Jeradyne Cheong Author 7 years ago
Haha, yes!

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