Cheese no Koe

A shop for cheese connoisseurs in Kiyosumi Shirakawa

 By Mandy Bartok   Jan 7, 2016

The quiet neighborhood of Kiyosumi Shirakawa in eastern Tokyo is now home to the capital's newest cheese shop, a small outpost of Hokkaido with a large selection of nearly 200 cheeses. The northern-born owner and cheese expert is happy to answer customers' questions and offer tastes of various cheeses. He promises to practice his English, but in the meantime, go with a Japanese speaker if you want an in-depth knowledge of your dairy products. Or simply stop by, say "parmesan" (or whatever your preference) and walk away with some of the best cheese in the city.

Photography by Mandy Bartok
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Jerome Lee a year ago
What a selection! Okay I'm gonna have to make a stop at this place in the future
Carol Akiyama a year ago
Kiyosumi Shirakawa is home to some ecletic coffee shops, and now cheese. It's making its way up in the world! (I live nearby).
Mandy Bartok Photographer a year ago
I love exploring over in that neighborhood! I was checking out coffee shops, actually when I stumbled across the cheese shop. It's definitely becoming a unique, must-visit neighborhood.
Preethu 2 years ago
So many varieties.. :P
Mandy Bartok Photographer a year ago
And if you mention one or two in particular, he'll be happy to give you a taste.
Victoria Vlisides 2 years ago
Yesss! I love cheese.