Cherry Blossom near Tokyo Imperial Palace

Discover one of Tokyo's most famous sakura spots

By Gonzague Gay-Bouchery    - 1 min read

Located near the Imperial Palace and the Yasukuni Shrine, Chidorigafuchi Is a national Japanese cemetery and memorial for around 350,000 unidentified war dead of the Second World War. Despite its gloomy background, Chidorigafuchi is, once a year during hanami (the ‘cherry blossom season’), one of Tokyo’s hottest places to enjoy the cherry blossoms either by walking along Chidorigafuchi’s moat or by boat if you are patient enough to wait for hours before being able to rent one.

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Gonzague Gay-Bouchery

Gonzague Gay-Bouchery

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Jihad Mahmoud 5 years ago
Despite the sad background, it looks beautiful and full of hope.
Reyzi Enditya 6 years ago
so pretty..i need this for my trip, thanks
Gonzague Gay-Bouchery Videographer 6 years ago
I am glad you like it!
Olga 7 years ago
It seemed to me at first that there are no people at all. It is such a great video, very nice to see because I actually missed that one this year.
Justin Velgus 7 years ago
A boat ride there looks magical!
Gonzague Gay-Bouchery Videographer 7 years ago
Yep they are! You should definitively try! But be ready to wait a good hour before being able to get one of these boat.
Cathy Cawood 7 years ago
I loved all the scenes with rowboats and cherry blossom! I also appreciated being able to hear voices, traffic and birdsong in this video!
Gonzague Gay-Bouchery Videographer 7 years ago
Hi Kansaikate. Thanks for your comment and you nailed it! The concept of is to offer contemplative RAW videos of Japan, without anything to spoil the experience!.