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Czech-style Coffee Shop Hyaqtoh

A hidden gem in Komagome

The spring rose festivals are in full swing now, so it's high time to visit Kyu-Furukawa Garden in Nishigahara (easily accessed from Komagome or Nishigahara stations). On you way back, why not drink a cup of coffee with a piece of delicious cheesecake? Not far away from Komagome Station, there is a quaint little Czech-style coffee shop and roastery, Hyaqtoh, which means '100 towers' in Japanese. By the way, Prague is often called a 'City of 100 towers' and is also the historical capital of Bohemia. At Hyaqtoh you can enjoy books in Czech (and also in Spanish) and about Czech Republic, as well as appreciate the Bohemian porcelain. Just take a look at those beautiful floral motifs!

Fuji Royal is a top-quality coffee roaster which is compact and suitable for small spaces. It allows to carefully roast the beans and make aromatic, delicious coffee. Therefore, coffee beans at Hyaqtoh are not at all cheap but really good. 

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