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Dance in Tokyo's Koenji Awaodori

One of Tokyo's largest summer street festivals

By Grant Biberdorf    - 2 min read
When: Aug 25th - Aug 26th 2017, 10:45am - 8:00pm

Kōenji Awa-Odori is one of Tokyo’s largest summer street festivals with up to 11,000 dance team participants and over 1.2 million visitors over the two day event.


Be a one-day Japanese traditional dancer in the Tokyo Koenji Awaodori (Otoko-Odori, male dancing part is also available for female)

Get the limited seat tickets near the street stage.

Experience the biggest traditional Japanese summer festival in Tokyo

English and Chinese guidance included in all the plans

Special ticket to enjoy the stage performance of Awaodori (only in the 1 day plan)

Every year, millions of spectators come to Koenji to enjoy the spectacular performances of more than 10,000 Awaodori dancers. In 2017, it will be more magnificent than before as more than 11,000 dancers are expected to join the performance. And now is the chance that you can be part of this exuberant Japanese traditional festivities!

This year we have prepared a limited offer only for foreigners. Things you can experience are 1) join the festival parade as a one-day Japanese traditional dancer (with workshop and traditional clothing(Happi)); 2) to get a special seat near the stage, which even the locals here have slim chance of getting it!.


– Chinese and English guidance

– Workshop of Awaodori dance (male dancer)

– Dance experience with the ren

– Wear the happi and hachimaki(Japanese hand towel) for Japanese festival

– Limited seats only for foreign visitors(1 seat/person)

– Ticket for Awaodori Stage performance(only for 1 day plan)

Getting there

Only 9 minutes by train from Shinjuku Station to JR Koenji Station. Koenji is well known for its music and vintage clothing. Second-hand clothing stores and music venues dot the area. Koenji,a place attracting people from all over the world, also has many bars and restaurants with more than 200 places with English menus now. You can also spend your time here leisurely before the limited offer of Awaodori begins.

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