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Suginami City

Special ward in western Tokyo

About Suginami City
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Asagaya Tanabata Festival 2024

Asagaya Tanabata Festival 2024

Early Aug

Suginami Ward’s Asagaya neighborhood hosts one of the largest Tanabata Festival displays in Tokyo. Cruise down the covered sho..

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Bring Your Tokyo to Life


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About Suginami City

Suginami City (杉並区, Suginami-ku)  is known as a green residential area which has been made popular thanks to its easy access to the center of Tokyo, being just 10 minutes from Shinjuku by train. 

Find a variety of regions, each with their own characteristics, in Suginami. From unique shrines, like Asagaya Shinmeigu, known for warding off bad luck to historical temples, visitors can also encounter unique subcultures. Take Nishi-Ogikubo’s thriving antiques trade, Asagaya’s post-war shopping streets, Koenji’s hipster cafes and vintage boutiques, or Ogikubo’s animation heritage or ramen legacy — each area truly gives a taste of local Japanese life like no other part of Tokyo.

Throughout the year, you can enjoy a variety of festivals, like the Tokyo Koenji Awaodori and Asagaya Tanabata Festival, as well as annual events like the cherry blossom season and arrival of the autumn leaves. Visitors can enjoy the various charms of this modern suburban area of Tokyo.

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