The Flowers of Shinjuku Gyoen

Tokyo's Oasis

By Takane Shoji    - 1 min read

From the French, formal style to the traditional, Japanese-style garden, the walk around Shinjuku Gyoen has many worthwhile stops. While each season breathes life into different blossoming flowers, visitors can appreciate an even greater diversity of botanic life all year long at the newly opened greenhouse. Especially for photographers looking to capture a frame-worthy macro shot, the flowers inside the park will be a marvelous canvas. Even for those without cameras, the meticulously maintained gardens sprinkled with beautiful flowers will invite you to a true oasis in one of the busiest districts of Tokyo. ​

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Takane Shoji

Takane Shoji @takane.shoji

Currently studying at a university in the United States, he has been an avid photographer, as well as a passionate writer with an extensive overseas experience from his residence in Singapore, Tokyo, and New York. He is excited to shed a mix of native and foreign light upon some of the hidden gems of Tokyo and Osaka.