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For someone just arriving in Tokyo for either a short stay or a longer haul, Fontana’s Tokyo City Apartments are a simple way to quickly set up base camp. In addition to regular apartments, the company offers guesthouses for those who are really looking to be economical, with rates as low as 45,000 to 55,000 yen per month depending on location. All stays have a one-month minimum duration, though as Fontana’s Mr. Odagiri points out, “We ask you to pay for a whole month, but we won’t force you to stay the entire time!” With hotel rates in Tokyo as high as they are, checking into a Fontana guesthouse can be a much better deal.

Fontana makes sense for both travelers and foreign residents for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the language barrier. The company’s representatives speak English, French, Korean and Japanese, among other languages, and they are happy to help clients understand the ins and outs of the uniquely Japanese rental system. With Fontana, you will not need to go through expensive and all-too-common local rental hoops such as the agent’s fee (typically a full month’s rent!), deposit (two more months’ rent!), key money (an additional two months’ rent that is a gift for the landlord!) and guarantor (person/organization that agrees, for a price, to take care of your payments if you default).

This all can easily cost up to half a year’s rent before you even move in, but this is also where Fontana saw an opportunity to serve the foreign community of Tokyo with a more familiar and convenient set-up that works well for short-term visitors and long-term residents alike. To take advantage of a no-hassle Fontana opportunity, visit their website to browse available properties or contact an agent directly:

Phone: 03-3382-0151 (From abroad: +81-3-3382-0289)


Your agent can take you to see one or more of their 800+ apartments in Tokyo, showing you the location that suits your needs in terms of size, location, distance to work/play and train/subway lines. He can also offer up some insider's tips on things to do and see across the city.

Besides the high-level of service that Fontana provides, clients regularly compliment the company for its helpful treatment of renters and quick reaction to any issues with apartments. Fontana truly provides an approach to renting apartments in Tokyo that is difficult to beat.

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Rick Costal 3 years ago
Unfortunately, I've heard a lot of bad things about these guys. Their google reviews have some bad reviews about them just giving excuses when something they've promised goes wrong. One guy even got stranded at the airport because an agent went on his day's off without telling the guy the apartment address. Meanwhile the guy had a flight and couldn't wait for the agent's day off to finish. That's enough to make me not want to go with them. I hope other people can read this and avoid the trouble.