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GODZ Bar in Shinjuku

Stay Heavy! Stay Metal!

GODZ Bar, the name itself suggests that it is not just a regular cornerstone bar in Shinjuku. It is small yet epic, located in the popular bar alleys just a 5-minute walk from Shinjuku Station. Epic because of the music collection especially for people who love Metal and Hard rock. It is a very popular bar owned by Hide-san (pronounced as Hee-day), who has been running it for 12 years now.

GODZ was started by Hide-san for the love of Heavy metal music, and the bar is indeed a home to many Metal heads all around Tokyo. The sound system is excellent; it is loud but not deafening, with a huge screen to show respective videos. The ambience of the bar is really nice with its dim-lit colorful lights. The place is decorated with band posters, skulls, musical instruments and the original GODZ merchandise. They have a separate section where you find promotional posters stuck and hung on the bar walls with all information for upcoming concerts and live music events all over Japan.

Musically, this is by far the best bar I have been to in Tokyo and I highly recommend a visit if you love this kind of music.

The place has a huge collection when it comes to Metal and Hard rock music; it is filled with CDs and DVDs from bands worldwide. The best part about GODZ is that they are happy to accept your song requests. So if you are at GODZ do not forget to pick up the pen and paper right beside you on the bar counter and put down the songs you wish to hear. What can be better than enjoying your type of music with videos on the huge screen and a nice drink?

There is no entry free unless they have live music performances. The food and drinks are also quite affordable. A beer will cost you around ¥​650, a cocktail ¥​800 and the food menu starts from ¥​300 onwards. Hide-san and his staff speak good English and the menu is available in English as well, which makes this place great and more comfortable for foreigners too.

Musically, this is by far the best bar I have been to in Tokyo and I highly recommend a visit if you love this kind of music. So if you want to have a good metal time, GODZ is the place to be. Stay Heavy! Stay Metal! \m/

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Victoria Vlisides 8 years ago
Awesome find! Happy to hear about another metal bar in Japan, not just the usual izakaya!!

Thank you for your support!

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