Rows of tulips in the Tokyo suburbs (Photo: Kim B)
Mid - Late
Rows of tulips in the Tokyo suburbs (Photo: Kim B)

Hamura Tulip Festival

Enjoy tulips in the Tokyo suburbs

Venue: Hamura, Tokyo, Japan When: Mid - Late Apr 2024

Taking place annually during April, the Hamura Tulip Festival brings beautiful blooms to a somewhat surprising locale - the Tokyo suburbs. Rows and rows of different tulip varieties in various shades attract plenty of visitors, and there are typically a host of food booths available.

The event dates can differ slightly from year to year depending on when the flowers are projected to be in bloom. Official event dates can be found on the Hamura Sightseeing Association website closer to the anticipated start.

Getting there

The Hamura Tulip Festival is located around eighteen minutes on foot from Hamura Station, served by the JR Ome Line.

For those who are driving to the venue, it can be a little hard to find - I recommend using these GPS coordinates: 35.759410 139.303065. This takes you directly to the site, and there is parking available at a cost of 500 yen per vehicle. Do note that driving there involves some narrow roads!


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Elena Lisina 3 years ago
Just WOW! I love flowers, especially in such a quantity!
Kim Author 3 years ago
Me too! When I lived right in Tokyo this was close by. It's crazy to me to think this is right in the suburbs!