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Izu Oshima Camellia Festival 2025

Seasonal blooms on this Tokyo island

Venue: Oshima Park Tsubaki Plaza When: Late Jan - Late Mar 2025

The island of Izu Oshima is known for several things, including pleasant coastal drives, natural hot springs, and camellia flowers. Around three million camellia bushes decorate the island, and an annual festival takes place to celebrate them from late January to late March.

Photo: Tokai Kisen Co., Ltd.

The main venue for the Izu Oshima Camellia Festival is Oshima Park's Tsubaki Plaza, where visitors can enjoy the blooms alongside stalls selling camellia oil and other local souvenirs, plus cultural performances like folk dancing on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays during the event dates.

Photo: Tokai Kisen Co., Ltd.

In addition, the Oshima Park Camellia Museum will have displays of cut camellias and artworks related to the flowers.

Getting there

The main festival venue is Tsubaki Plaza in Oshima Park, which is located around 12 minutes driving time from Okata Port or just under 20 minutes driving time from Motomachi Port.

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