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Kikuya, Aoyama

Traditional Japanese sweets shop

Many have enjoyed this hidden gem for decades. Kikuya, in Aoyama, was founded in 1935 with the mission to make and preserve the art of candy making from the Edo period. The store is located on 5-chome on a side street off Aoyama street and is quite easy to spot. The large bamboo stalks in front of the store have been there since they opened.

The store has been passed down from generation to generation and the recipes are a closely held family secret. However, one secret that can be disclosed is that they use beans to preserve the ancient Japanese candy making style. Each delicately crafted candy is made fresh every morning. Since they are fresh and perishable the owner recommends that they be consumed within a day or two before they dry out. However if you are traveling or cannot eat them immediately, I recommend asking them to individually place the candy in the delicate containers provided by Kikuya, or bring a Tupperware container to preserve the freshness.

I bought five different kinds of sweets at Kikuya's recommendation. All of them were delicately presented and delicious. Since their sweets are made for use in tea ceremonies, they go well with an afternoon tea. If you are looking for a taste of the past, I highly recommend this place.

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