For a bedroom community, Kodaira City has plenty of museum and gallery spots located within its borders. Not only can visitors find both traditional and contemporary art, they can also discover some of Tokyo's more curious museums. Here is a simple introduction to the museums and galleries of Kodaira and how to reach them.

Gas Museum

Showcasing the history of gas as an energy source, the Gas Museum features two historic brick buildings. One of the buildings look at Tokyo's gas lamp heritage while the second building has a more general gas focus on the Tokyo Gas company and its role in Tokyo's history. Scale models and even a floor dedicated to ukiyo-e wood prints make this free museum an interesting one.

A 14-minute bus ride from Kodaira Station on the Seibu Hajima or Shinjuku lines.

Kodaira Hirakushi Denchu Art Museum

Surrounded by superbly maintained traditional Japanese landscaping and design, the Kodaira Hirakushi Denchu Art Museum is the former home and creative studio of the late master wood sculptor, Hirakushi Denchu. A tribute to the late artist, the museum features a custom-built annex showcasing his many works.

A 10-minute walk from Hitotsubashi-Gakuen Station on the Seibu Tamako Line.

Musashino University Art Museum & Library

Made up of four different sections, including a folk art gallery and photographic image gallery, the Musashino Art University Museum & Library and its 40,000 collected works, offers something for all art lovers. The museum also holds around ten exhibitions each year with a focus on traditional Japanese culture.

An 18-minute walk from Takanodai Station on the Seibu Kokubunji Line.

Sewerage Museum

One of Tokyo's more curious thematic museums, the free, five-storey Sewage Museum offers up plenty of interactive experiences. A lot more interesting that one might give it credit for, the museum is also dotted throughout with many examples of Tokyo's famous manhole covers, adding an extra layer of unexpected appeal.

An 8-minute walk from Takanodai Station on the Seibu Kokubunji Line.