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Kushinobo at Haneda Airport

Deep-fried Kushikatsu at Tokyo International Airport

When I visited Tokyo International Airport to see Edo-koji Street there, I dropped in at a kushikatsu restaurant called ''Kushinobo''.

Kushikatsu is one of Osaka's specialties They are deep-fried vegetables or meat skewered on small sticks. I used to live in Kansai area, so the wonderful smell of deep-fried meat never fails to attract me even in Tokyo. As I guessed, this restaurant is based in Osaka, but has many shops in Tokyo too. Kushikatsu places are usually a bit dingy and smoky, but this restaurant seemed to be a more sophisticated version; stylish, neat with no smoke (the cook fries kushikatsu behind a counter, but the ventilation is powerful!). Most importantly, all kushikatsu I ate were so yummy. Highly recommended for hungry travelers and visitors! It's located along Edo-koji Street on the 4th floor of the International Terminal building.

Kushinobo's Homepage is here (only in Japanese)