Lager & Burger Craft Beer Festival

Savor burgers and beers in the heart of Tokyo

Venue: United Nations University Courtyard, Tokyo When: Aug 12th - Aug 13th 2023

Beer and burgers work together incredibly well thanks to their complementary flavors and textures. The hoppy bitterness of beer complements the savory richness of a well-grilled burger, while the carbonation helps cleanse the palate between bites. The Lager & Burger Craft Beer Festival at Tokyo's United Nations University Courtyard brings the two favorites together, with a variety of craft beer breweries and food carts selling all kinds of burgers at the event.

Photo: NPO Farmers Market Association

For those who eat a plant-based diet, never fear – vegan burgers will also be available from some of the vendors. The full list of businesses participating in the festival can be found on the event website if you want to plan things out ahead of time.

Please note that while admission to the event itself is free, tickets are required for the beer tasting portion. These can be organized online ahead of time for 1800 yen as opposed to 2000 yen on the day.

Getting there

The United Nations University Courtyard can be conveniently accessed in five minutes on foot from Omotesando Station, which is served by the Tokyo Metro's Ginza, Hanzomon, and Chiyoda lines.


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