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Lotus Baguette

Organic bread in Daikanyama

There isn't much English information on the sign outside Lotus Baguette on the main thoroughfare that divides Daikanyama and Nakameguro. But the buzzword "organic" was enough to entice me into the shop and the row of freshly-baked scones and other wheat-based treats certainly convinced me to stay.

Lotus Baguette relies on organic and all natural ingredients to craft its breads and various desserts. True to its name, a cluster of baguettes occupied the top shelf of the small display corner inside. There were also a few sliced breads in various flavors (pumpkin was one of the more notable ones). Baguettes of varying sizes (S, M, and L) run from ¥250 to ¥400. The shelf below that sported the bakery's wide selection of scones. It was difficult to choose from the many flavors - plain, blueberry, banana, sesame and sweet potato, chocolate - but my eventual selection of fig scone didn't disappoint in the least. The scones were a surprisingly good value as well, costing between ¥150 and ¥170. On the adjacent shelves, there were several varieties of sandwiches and a handful of other pastry options (think chocolate cream-stuffed rolls and traditional croissants).

The shop offers drinks, both those packaged in bottles (like additive-free juices and milk) and coffee and tea that are made (or brewed) to order. You can carry out your purchases (even drinks) or choose to sit at one of the few tables along the shop's long wall or along the bar in the rear of the cafe. This is an excellent and quiet work venue alternative when the popular Tsutaya bookstore across the street doesn't have any available seats. I sat here for nearly an hour on a recent afternoon, enjoying a book with very few distractions.

There is a bench outside the door, utilized on sunny days and also by patrons with dogs in tow. The staff is happy to bring your order out to you, should you prefer to wait with your pooch.

There is an additional branch of Lotus Baguette nearby, located just a few steps from the Nakameguro metro station at the end of the Hibiya line.

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