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Daikanyama T-Site

Every bibliophile's dream

The T-Site is a spectacular bibliophile wonderland located in the heart of fashionable Daikanyama. Structurally composed of three separate but connected buildings, it is the most stylish and modern Tsutaya I’ve ever seen. This building holds the ‘World’s Best Shopping Centre’ award from the World Architecture Festival 2012 for its beautifully integrated use of space, and it has been lauded for seamlessly melding the social and retail experience.

The architectural firm responsible for Daikanyama T-Site, Klein Dytham, is based in Tokyo and has spearheaded a number of landmark sites in the Central Tokyo area including the Ginza Uniqlo, Sin Den and Idee Workstation, with the latter two found in Shibuya. Architectural buffs would do well to seek out the aforementioned structures and see them in person.

Eponymous Tsutaya bookstore holds most of the real estate in the T-Site complex. Tsutaya is a major chain bookstore and movie rental retailer in Japan popular with the nation's 20-something population. Daikanyama's T-Site is not just for the hipster set, the compound appeals to all ages with its range of shops; coffee drinkers, pet-lovers, cyclists, photographers and foodies will all find something desirable here.

The Tsutaya bookstore is divided into three buildings, with the main one housing books of the literature, travel, car, art, cuisine and travel genres. Another building is entirely dedicated to music and houses a small performance space. Here customers can gather CDs and listen to them at the Bose headphone-equipped sound stations. The third building is home to movies, literature and magazines.

Stepping into each room of T-Site opens up a world of intellectual stimulation in a beautiful and inspiring environment. I am not sure what I like more about this particular Tsutaya, whether it be the vast collection of goods available for perusal or the distinctive design. Once I walked into the main building I felt like I was at home.

Unfortunately, photography is not allowed in most areas of Tsutaya, but this is the perfect excuse for you to go and see T-Site for yourself. Lovers of media, architecture and design will all find something they love at Daikanyama's T-Site.

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Peter Lin 8 years ago
Best bookstore and audiophile heaven!

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