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Ivy Place in Shibuya

Enjoy some early breakfast in Daikanyama

Even though Tokyo is often known as the ‘City of Gastronomic Delights’, and boasts as the top winner of Michelin starred restaurants, there is one segment of dining this city seems to be lacking: breakfast!

I had resigned myself to eating my weekend breakfast at home, which isn’t so bad, especially when one can look forward to one of those delicious ‘set lunches’ at almost any restaurant in this crazy city. But just once in a while I would get that craving: images of beautiful fresh-brewed cafe latte, served with steaming hot pancakes, spilling over with perfectly warmed maple syrup, and of course, mouth-watering and ever-so-crispy bacon.

Someone told me about a new restaurant, Ivy Place, and when I heard breakfast was part of the menu, my ears perked right up. And not only do they serve breakfast, but they open at 7am! Almost unheard of in Tokyo for any kind of business... I was ecstatic. Finally a restaurant serving a western style breakfast, and in my favorite part of town, Daikanyama. And the best part - it is owned by the people from another restaurant I love, Cicada.

So one gorgeous Sunday morning, not so long ago, my family and I drove over to Ivy Place. The reason the ‘7am’ was of interest to me is that most everyone in my family is a notorious early riser. As we approached this new gorgeous compound, which also houses a multi-building Tsutaya and a few other niche stores, we were pleased to see there was a parking lot! Free for those with a validation to the restaurant, or one to two hours with a 2000-yen or 5000-yen purchase respectively. What a bonus in Tokyo!

I found the interior of Ivy Place very pleasant and warm. This particular morning, it wasn’t bustling with people. I take it that it was still too early for the real breakfast and brunch crowd. The space itself is not completely open-plan, as there is a separate bar, casual cafe and restaurant, but the many windows allowed just enough light in to feel cozy yet not claustrophobic.

Next bonus: bottomless coffee and a portion of bacon we call ‘respectable’! I couldn’t decide between the pancakes or the frittata, so my elder daughter and I decided to each order one and share, of course with that side of bacon. My husband happily chose a simple order of eggs, scrambled with nicely thick-cut homemade toast. My little daughter also had the eggs, which she insisted I try as they were, ‘very yummy!’ Each meal was around 1200 yen, and if you aren’t satisfied with that Americano drip coffee thing, they have lattes on the menu - which are the real thing, not Starbucks-inspired.

I’m about as picky as can be when it comes to pancakes, and these were definitely above par and the portion was perfect. My daughter and I ate every bit, and every drop of syrup as well! With our tummies full and smiles on our faces we embraced this spectacular Tokyo winter morning (as winter mornings in Tokyo often are - sunny as can be) as we walked out of Ivy Place only to be further delighted by the new Tsutaya with its three separate but attached buildings, full of music, dvds, books of all kinds, magazines in Japanese (and plenty in English), Starbucks and even its own cafe upstairs. There was something for each of us to explore.

What a perfect way to spend a Sunday morning!

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Peter Lin 8 years ago
Pancakes here are traditional but excellent flavor and texture. The fruit and cream topping is worth getting. The setting is beautiful.
Nicole Bauer 11 years ago
Bryan, it's Daikanyama Station, one stop from Shibuya on the Tokyo Toyoko/Minatomirai Line. You need to take the local train, as the Express doesn't stop at Daikanyama.
Bryan Baier 11 years ago
Breakfast at an early enough time is severely lacking all over Japan. Thanks so much for posting this article. I will make sure to visit Ivy next time I'm in Tokyo. What subway or train station is it closest to?

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