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0fr. Tokyo

Gallery, Bookstore & Café

Hidden away in the backstreets of Nakameguro, you’ll find the utterly unique and wonderful 0fr. Tokyo. It’s just enough out of the way that you don’t have to put up with mad rushes and having to dart amongst people whilst walking. It’s very hard to describe 0fr. in one word, purely because it is many things in one; art, books, coffee, food and a chilled out atmosphere with friendly conversation, for starters.

0fr. Tokyo is based off and linked to the original 0fr. located the other side of the world, in Paris. Frank, the artistic owner in Tokyo is a friend of the owner in Paris. Through an obviously genius conversation, they had the idea to open up a store in Tokyo, fulfilling this and opening in Spring 2014.

Passing by is simply impossible. So much is going on inside, you just have to wander in and ask more. Art on every wall, tables with books, magazine and more art piled up, and of course a welcoming bar to sit at and enjoy a drink or some food. Pretty much anything you see inside will either be from Japan or France, with a good selection of the art coming from friends of Frank and 0fr. I should also point out that Frank uses this space as a studio for his own artwork that is generously on display for you to admire. Both locals and tourists often have their attention stolen by 0fr. and end up popping in to check it out.

Most days you find Shoko working here, another talented and charismatic member. She speaks very good English and sometimes even goes a couple of days without speaking any Japanese, due to serving the tourists and enjoying conversation with them. If you want to know about any of the books and art in the store, go ahead and ask. I found myself taken on a tour of the store by Shoko, talking me through the story of 0fr. Tokyo, it’s links with Paris and the art culture, and where everything comes from.

I can’t express enough how chilled out and friendly 0fr. feels. Visit and you’ll see for yourself! It’s a five-minute walk from Nakameguro subway station. You’ll enjoy a stroll over the river that’s famous for it’s cherry blossoms. Down through lots of nice little shops and along a quieter stretch until you reach 0fr. that stands out with it’s well chosen décor.

Pop the below address into an online map, and you’ll get the directions needed.


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Jihad Mahmoud 7 years ago
Wow! pretty unique and nice place to let your thoughts wonder
Jerome Lee 8 years ago
Sounds like the perfect getaway for a lazy Sunday afternoon!
Sam Hardwick Author 8 years ago
It really, really is. Check it out, they're so friendly!