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Naked Flowers For You

A unique and relaxing sensory art exhibition

Please note that this was a limited time event and has ended.

On a rainy day without much plan, I decided to do a quick search for activities in Tokyo, what came up was the classic museum options, including teamLab or shopping, then I remembered earrings about the Naked Flowers For You Exhibition and I figured that as it is not as known by other foreign tourist and it being a Monday, I might have luck with smaller crowd.

I will start by saying that as a male traveling solo, I was absolutely not the target public, that is clearly an exhibition aimed for female visitors, bare with me if what I say first can sound stereotypical, by the end you should understand what I mean. This impression was also confirmed by the fact that a vast majority of female visitors as well as a few couples.

Before entering, you are asked to scan a QR code to create an account, so make sure to have a phone for each of the person participating, I think a WI-FI connection was available if needed. Once your account is created, you get to your page where you have a custom QR code that will be used during the whole course.

Once you enter, you have to scan your code for the first time (you might want to lock the screen so it does not rotate by accident when you scan the code). You will then be asked several questions about your sleep, diet, skin condition, sleep, etc. The answers will make a difference when you reach later steps.

You then receive your personal book and can proceed to visit the different gardens, that are different stations located around the single big room of the exhibition. You will be asked to scan your code again at all station, so keep it easily accessible.

At the diamond garden, you are asked a few extra questions, then you have to scan your code and open a door, that will reveal your selection of the nine diamond ring options based on your answers. You can then pick the right card to add to your book.

For the Frozen flower garden, you can look on your profile to see what meditation course was selected for you and pick the appropriate card. You can then put a drop of one of the essential oil on your wrist to get some good smell for the meditation. You can then go in one of the small pod, where you can sit on the cushion on the floor, put on headphones and scan your code to start the meditation, that is some music with a text read in Japanese only and a projection on a spherical screen.

You can then move to the Wild Flower Garden, for each of the three steps, you are given two options (out of the ten choices) based on your previous answers. During the three steps, you are asked to pick a a tea, an herb and a flavor, that you finally put in a teabag to step four. You can then go to the counter to get a cup and hot water to brew your herbal tea that you can drink at one of the table. Before you go, when you wait for the tea to brew, you might as well go scan your code at the Chocolate Garden to receive a small chocolate amount the five options, again selected based on your answers. You get it from the drink counter. You can also do a small game with painting color to add a custom flower in the tree on the big screen in the room.

Once you are done, you can go to the final point, the Blooming Garden, where your face is scanned and analyzed to select a gift out of the four possible options. You will get a piece of paper in a gatcha ball, pick your card for your book and bring the paper to the drink counter to get your gift. In my case, I got the pretty option and my gift was a pink lipstick. So yes, by now I hope you agree that I was not the target audience. You also get a proposition of smoothie that you can buy at the cafe outside of the exhibition, the cafe does not require a ticket.

Regardless the fact I am not the target audience, the exhibition was interesting, it was not strictly an art exhibition, but really more a relaxing experience that will also involve your sense of smell and taste. It is obviously the best for small group of females or couples and really not suited for kids. My impression was also right, I did not saw other foreign tourist and the crowd was not big, so the wait time was minimal for most area, the longest wait being at the last point. While not everything was fully translated, there is enough English to enjoy the exhibition, but note that I only spoke Japanese with the staff.

Getting there

Located on the 8th floor of the Yurakucho Marui department store (the logo of the store is OIOI) located right in front of the central exit of JR Yurakucho station.

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