Namikawa Yasuyuki & Japanese Cloisonné

Allure of Meiji Cloisonné and aesthetic of translucent black

Jan 14
Apr 9
Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum
When: Jan 14th - Apr 9th 2017,  10:00am - 5:30pm

Cloisonné was a popular export during the Meiji period. Namikawa is an artist that was well known for his exquisitely delicate cloisonné (1845-1927). In recent years, attention has gathered upon Meiji-era craft arts, which revived his artworks once again.

The detailed lines, vibrant colors, traditional motifs, skilfully conducted paint all together makes sophisticated, beautiful pieces. From sketches and other materials finished abroad to the cloisonnes, this exhibition will showcase Namikawa Yasuyuki’s complete work from his early years to later years for the first time.

This exhibition is held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum, which opened in 1983. Its striking interior Art Deco style and exterior architecture helped ensure this Former Prince Asaka Residence was designated a national Important Cultural Property in 2015.

Posted by Jessica Lin
Dec 26, 2016