Kyo-no-Miyabi at the Cerulean Tower

Traditional noh performance followed by Junihitoe

Jul 15th
Venue: Cerulean Tower Noh Theatre When: Saturday - Jul 15th 2017, 11:00am - 1:00pm

In July 2017, Cerulean Tower's Noh Theatre hosted a culture-filled event showcasing some of the best of Japanese traditional performance arts.

The Kyou-no-miyabi event comprised an opening half performance of the traditional Noh play, The Seaweed Seller ('Kobu-uri'), followed by a second half dressing show of Junihitoe.

  • The Seaweed Seller tells the tale of wealthy man who embarks on a trip without his servant, who entrusts a seaweed seller he meets to hold his sword on his journey – the comical tale follows how their trust is short-lived and their fortunes become reversed (photos were not permitted during this act).
  • Junihitoe (lit. '12 layer robe') is a ceremonial kimono worn by ladies of the court during the mid-Heian Period (794–1192) for official events. The robe can consist of any number of layers – typically 12 but often more (with historical records even suggesting as high as 25). The show, hosted by Hiromi Ichida, showcases how these layered robes were slowly put on and removed.

The Cerulean Tower Noh Theatre opened in 2001, at one of the highest towers in the Shibuya area. The theatre was designed for those who love and appreciate the beauty of Japanese traditional performing arts and provide a venue to celebrate these arts.

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