Oedo Antique Market

Only the good finds

By Olga    - 1 min read

Dealing with old things is not always a pleasant experience. Honestly, I love old stuff, but I can't force myself to buy or even touch old books in Jimbocho or old postcards at the Oedo antique flea market. Some of my friends feel the same. However, this does not stop us from enjoying the atmosphere of the good old days. Taking photos is sometimes much more fun than touching or buying.

I don't need or want most of the things you can see at the Oedo antique flea market, but looking at them is important for getting the feel of pre- or postwar Japan. Goods that had been produced here (or imported from the USA, France etc.) tell more about the life of previous generations than thousands of books or newspaper articles. You can also pick out some Buddhist items or a maneki-neko (beckoning cat) for your collection, a retro fashion magazine, a retro toy, or another quaint decoration for your home.

The market is held in two locations: Tokyo International Forum and Yoyogi Park.

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