Photo: Ota City
Photo: Ota City

Ota Fireworks Festival by Tama River

Riverside summer festival celebrating this Peace City

Venue: Tama River When: Mid Aug 2024

Commemorating Ota City’s declaration of itself as Peace City, a firework festival is held on August 15th every year, the date that marks the end of WWII in Japan.

The 5,000 fireworks sparkling above the Tama River are a spectacular sight to behold. The event lasts around 40 minutes starting from 7:30pm and promises incredible views.

Getting there

Three minute walk from Rokugodote station on the Keikyu Line.

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Shawn Sato 4 years ago
The forecast is for rain. How will we know if it is cancelled?
Christophe Audisio 4 years ago
Hi Shawn, getting back to you, the fireworks have been canceled due to the weather, you can see the information on Ota City Facebook page

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