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Rinshi No Mori Park

The perfect offering of nature and recreation

Rinshi-No-Mori Park is a former plant nursery that is now home to several hundred Japanese and foreign trees species that tower over the entire park. If you are looking for a cool and quiet place to take a nature walk and gaze at different wildlife and insects, this is the place to visit. (Birding is a particularly popular activity here.)

There are several different walking paths throughout the park and signs indicating the type of wildlife you should expect to find while you are visiting. It is a great place to escape from the summer heat for a while, with several tables scattered around the area where you are able to enjoy a nice picnic lunch. The park also offers two different playgrounds to bring children and several open areas to enjoy any type of recreational entertainment. There is also a small pond in the area to delight in, which is home to a number of different turtles and koi fish.

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