Robot Restaurant in Photos

A certain kind of crazy you can only find in Japan!

 By Jessica A Paje   Jan 23, 2014

Advance reservations were made for our party of eight by contacting the Robot Restaurant by phone. The published ticket price was 5,000 yen, but we took advantage of a 20% discount ticket printed in Metropolis Magazine. Note: show electronic coupon or bring original ad from magazine (copies are not acceptable). The seats are a tight squeeze, so be sure to keep large items in lockers near the front entrance. Dinner included: bento box, salmon or chicken, green tea. Beer and Chu-hi’s are also available for around 500 yen. Get ready for a certain kind of craziness you can only find in Japan! From Taiko drummers in bikinis, to feeling submerged underwater while face to face with a great white shark, and thrilling Robot Wars, I think it’s a must see when here (but not for small children)! Read more here.

Photography by Jessica A Paje
Japan Travel Partner

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