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A must-visit for stationary and arts & craft lovers

Sekaido is a well-known store in Tokyo that sells mainly art and craft materials and stationary. They also carry frames for paintings and other artworks, manga (Japanese comics) supplies and many additional fine art-related items. With its first branch opened in 1940, Sekaido now has a few other outlets around Japan, and also an online shop.

I visited their main store in Shinjuku that had 6 floors – 5 floors for merchandise and the 6th floor for their art classes and gallery. I was astounded by sheer number of products and items they carried as I walked through the store. Books on art-related subjects are sold here too. On every floor there is an information board stating what floor it is and what products are being sold on that floor.

Here’s a rough guide (subject to change):

  • 1F: Stationery, office supplies, files, and formal business pens
  • 2F: Art supplies for manga, design, drawing, drafting; computer design corner; Western and Japanese paper supplies
  • 3F: Fine art materials & tools for Japanese and Western art, sculpture supplies
  • 4F: Frames and prints
  • 5F: Paintings and frames
  • 6F: Gallery and art classes space

One of the items I found interesting was the Bakuman (manga and anime about the life of manga artists) manga drawing starter kit they sold in the manga drawing supplies section. Another was the beginners' kit to traditional Japanese painting. The colours and scenes used in the various kits were so beautiful I was tempted to buy one and try it myself. They do carry character-related stationary, like Rilakkuma and Hello Kitty B5 sized drawing pads, but of limited variety. The postcards and letter-writing sets section of the first floor was amazing. Seasonal greetings are something most Japanese do, so the availability of some of the designs changes accordingly. From a tourist’s viewpoint, they make great gifts as the designs are really beautiful.

Stationary and arts and crafts lovers should definitely visit this place. Even if you are not crazy about such things, it is still interesting to window-shop. Who knows, maybe you will find something to spice up the things you use in your everyday life, or even pick up a new hobby!

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Yamal Duryea 8 years ago
Dear Sher Ying, can you let me know what the website is? I went to sekaido.com and it only seems to sell books and shirts.
I was at the store last week and it's by far the largest art supply store I've ever seen. Incredible!
Yamal Duryea 8 years ago
Hi Sher Ying, I just found the website over on the right of the page. Sorry to bug you. :)
Eduarda Fragoso 9 years ago
OMG What a dream *-*
Sher Ying Wee Author 8 years ago
it totally is! especially for people who love exploring the stationary section in any store ;)

Thank you for your support!

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