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Setagaya Bread Festival

Discover carb-filled goodness from around 100 bakeries

Nov 27th
Nov 28th
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Venue: Setagaya Park and surrounding venues When: Nov 27th - Nov 28th 2021

The Setagaya Bread Festival has been running for over a decade, and what started out as a small community gathering has managed to draw crowds of around 50,000 in recent years. The 2020 festival was held online due to the pandemic, but this year the two-day carb extravaganza is back to being held in-person and will feature around 100 bakeries from different parts of the country.

The full list of participating bakeries will be listed on the official event website closer to the festival date. Admission to the event itself is free of charge, but bring along some yen if you plan on making a purchase.

Getting there

Setagaya Park is located just under 10 minutes on foot from Ikejiri-ōhashi Station (served by the Tokyu Den-en-toshi Line), or just under 15 minutes on foot from either Yutenji Station (Tōkyū Tōyoko Line), or Sangenjaya Station (Tokyu Den-en-toshi Line and the Tokyu Setagaya Line).

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Elena Lisina a month ago
I wonder if bread is very popular in Japan? What I saw seemed to be very soft kind of bread, but we used to 'harder' kinds.
Shinobu Ishikawa a month ago
We love soft ones, of course, which often come onto the breakfast table. But harder kinds, such as フランスぱん(French bread) and ドイツパン(German bread) are also popular. Some famous bakeries always have a long line.