Shibuya Stream Champagne Illuminations 2022-2023

Sparkling lights in champagne gold hues

Venue: Shibuya Stream When: Nov 17th - Feb 28th 2023

To welcome the winter months, Shibuya Stream is hosting an illumination event where numerous parts of the retail complex will be decorated with warm champagne gold lights. Shibuya Stream Champagne Illuminations will run from mid November right through until the end of February, bringing some festive cheer to the heart of the city.

Photo: Tokyu Corporation (Shibuya Stream)

The sparkling lights will be on display at several main areas at Shibuya Stream, including the atrium, the second floor passageway, and at Inaribashi Square in front of the venue, creating an ethereal atmosphere.

Photo: Tokyu Corporation (Shibuya Stream)

For those visiting the venue from December 19th (Monday) to December 24th (Saturday), there is also a Christmas market scheduled from 11: 00 until 21: 00 during that period.

Getting there

Shibuya Stream has direct connectivity to Shibuya Station's C2 Exit.

More info

Find out more about Shibuya Stream.

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