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Sign Allday Restaurant

A surprisingly affordable restaurant in Tokyo's hip hub

As I walked through the streets of Daikanyama, I couldn't help but to feel like I was at another, more different part of Tokyo. It was totally relaxed, with no signs of striking neon lights, untouched by Japan's famous iconic markers. At some point I was convinced that I was magically teleported to somewhere outside Japan. This trendy hub oozes a Brooklyn vibe, where I knew exactly what kind of culture I'd spot there: cool kids, vintage barbers, minimalist coffee shops, and vegan eating places. And I couldn't be any more correct, because yes I found that -- including this restaurant that I thought would sum up everything I love about Daikanyama. Its name is Sign Allday.

Located just at the end of my walking trail from Shibuya Station, Sign Allday turned to be a perfect ending of my visit to the neighborhood. A discovery that accurately described Daikanyama. I never heard about this place before, but looking at the people sitting by the porch of the restaurant, chatting with their friends while enjoying all the amazing stuff served from the inside, well, I must say that it attracted me to join them. It was located on a big road, just a short walk from Daikanyama Station. But despite its strategic location, I discovered a super relaxing atmosphere inside its minimalist building, with chilled music playing in the air.

Comfortable sofas and seats filled every corner of the restaurant that was apparently not so big. The prevalence of pastel and white colors added to the calming essence of the restaurant. The dining space was immediately next to the kitchen and its bar, so the sounds of tinkling cutlery and a busy coffee machine made the whole eating experience more homely. And with big windows on every side, even if you come here alone you won't find yourself getting bored.

With an atmosphere so perfect, people might think that eating here would cost them a lot, right? As a matter of fact, not at all. I was so surprised when the menu came, and the prices inside were all so affordable. Then it got me thinking, with meals ranging from ¥1,000 - 2,000 (dinner menu would be around ¥3,000), would the portion be small? As a matter of fact, again, not at all. Take my chicken rice menu that came with mashed potatoes and salad, for instance. It was only ¥900, but the portion was big enough for my big appetite. Other selections include other types of salad and a vegan menu, Hawaiian-themed dishes, omurice, as well as bread and cake options.

The surprising element didn't just stop there. Their drink menu was equally affordable, starting from only ¥100 for teas or coffees. They also had happy hour promotions for beer, wines, and cocktail menus, all only for ¥300! A price way too affordable for Tokyo , because it was even cheaper than my own hometown, which is known for its cheap foods and drinks.

Even without its affordable prices, my visit to Sign Allday alone was totally a pleasant one. Its tranquil vibe was a contrast to Shibuya's clamour that even if I had to pay a bit more for that, I'd be more than happy to do so!

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Sherilyn Siy 4 years ago
What an intriguing name. Did you ever find out why it's called Sign Allday? Love the European outdoor cafe vibe.
Vicky Amin Author 4 years ago
Unfortunately no :') but my wild guess is that its full name is "REsign Allday", giving the fact that it's Daikanyama, and with its laid-back vibes all you want to do is just to unwind all day? Haha
Kim 4 years ago
Reasonably priced in Daikanyama...sounds like I need to visit!
Vicky Amin Author 4 years ago
It was such a delightful surprise to see the prices! I was ready to pay more haha

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