Sukhothai Restaurant, Kichijoji

Lunch at one of Kichijoji’s best Thai restaurants

By Emma Sletteland    - 2 min read

Sukhothai, one of the many famous restaurants in the charming Kichijoji neighborhood, serves up flavorful, authentic Thai food at reasonable prices. I stopped in for lunch, and was extremely satisfied with the delicious meal and pleasant atmosphere. Located a short walk from Kichijoji station, just past the end of Sunroad West, the restaurant's bright pink signs will beckon you in from the street. Descend the staircase down to the basement level, pass through the wooden beads hanging in the doorway, and you will arrive in the small dining area, tastefully decorated with Thai-style decor.

The lunch menu at Sukhothai is a great deal. It limited to seven choices, including classic Thai dishes such as pad thai, chicken fried rice, and sen yai noodles with or without soup. All lunch plates are around ¥1,000 and include oolong tea, salad, soup, and ice cream. The dinner menu has many more options to choose from, and most plates are around ¥1500. The restaurant serves several Thai beers including Singha, Chang, and Phuket, and various other alcoholic beverages.

I arrived just before the lunch rush, and ordered the pad thai. The atmosphere was quiet, and the service was fast and efficient. First, we were served oolong tea and a small salad topped with spicy fish sauce. Next was a zesty bowl of tom yum goong (spicy thai shrimp soup), and then the main dishes arrived. My pad thai was excellent. It was a good serving size, the vegetables were fresh and perfectly cooked, and the flavor was rich and authentic. Our food was served with an assortment of house-made sauces such as vinegar-hot pepper sauce and fish sauce. Finally, we were served a small scoop of homemade coconut ice cream topped with crushed peanuts. The ice cream might have actually been my favorite part of the meal. It was rich and creamy, yet still light and refreshing - a perfect way to end the meal!

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Emma Sletteland

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Kim B a year ago
Thai food has to be one of my favorite cuisines and this place looks delish!
Preethu 3 years ago
Looks delicious!