Photo: The Sumida Hokusai Museum

Supporters of The Sumida Hokusai Museum

The Collections of Peter Morse and Muneshige Narazaki

Feb 4th
Apr 2nd
Photo: The Sumida Hokusai Museum
Venue: The Sumida Hokusai Museum When: Feb 4th - Apr 2nd 2017, 9:30am - 5:30pm

The Sumida Hokusai Museum is hosting a temporary exhibition, profiling the private collections of some of the leading art collectors in the Hokusai and ukiyo-e art world.

The first half of this exhibition showcases the Peter Morse Collection. Peter Morse was an American collector and one of Hokusai's biggest admirers, amassing 691 Hokusai prints throughout his lifetime.

The second half is dedicated to the Narazaki Muneshige Collection. Narazaki-san was a leading figure in the field of ukiyo-e. This 'Supporters' exhibition will showcase around 130 of the works from their collections.

The exhibition will rotate the works half way through the exhibition to ensure they are protected: February 4 (Sat) - March 5 (Sun) and then March 7 (Tue) - April 2 (Sun).

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