Takahashi Shu and Fujita Sakura: A Lovely Couple

An exhibition at the Setagaya Art Museum

Jul 6th
Sep 1st
Venue: Setagaya Art Museum When: Jul 6th - Sep 1st 2019, 10:00am - 6:00pm

The Setagaya Art Museum is currently holding a special exhibition on the history of the artistic careers of Takahashi Shu and Fujita Sakura.

Married in Setagaya and then moving to Italy for 41 years, the couple achieved international recognition for their art before eventually returning to Japan where they chose to make their home in Okayama Prefecture in the beach town of Sami.

Known for his abstract forms and contemporary look, Takahashi's artworks have attained worldwide appeal with the awarding of numerous prizes for his creations. Fujita's works are based on her interest in fabrics and textiles. This interest and an almost playful child-like style lead Fujita to become a popular magazine cover and children's book illustrator.

Please be aware of photography rules within the exhibition and do check the official website for ticketing information and holidays.

Getting there

Take the Den-en-toshi Line to Yoga Station. From the North Exit, you can walk for about 17 minutes or take the Setagaya Bijutsukan bus. Get off at Bijutsukaniriguchi bus stop.

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Kim B a year ago
I really enjoy abstract art but wasn’t previously aware of these two artists. Thanks for sharing!
Sleiman Azizi Author a year ago
I've a soft spot for Setagaya. Fujita's book covers are so familiar having read a number of them to my kids but I never knew of her history.