Tanabata Festival in Fussa

Enjoying the colorful lanterns at this Tokyo festival

Venue: Fussa City When: Early Jul 2024

Curious about an event advertised in several stations along Ome Line in the western part of greater Tokyo, my husband and I headed to Fussa in our colorful yukata one fine summer day to see what it was about.

Just one stop after Hamura Station, we got off the train and were immediately greeted by colorful lanterns in various designs and shapes. We were mesmerized by the 360-degree transformation Fussa Station had undergone from a quiet and almost deserted place into a merry one filled with colors, lanterns, people, music and activities in every corner and turn of the street. Never had I seen so many people in my entire stay near the area, all thanks to Tanabata (Star Festival), that takes place annually, usually in the first week of August. Lanterns in different shapes, sizes, colors and designs were hanging all over the area just a few inches above our heads. There were interactive and moving lanterns bearing some Japanese symbolic pictures, scenes and characters. There were several toys, food and drink stalls lining the main streets, so we got to enjoy the event and at the same time, never got hungry, too.

Getting there

Fussa Station is on the JR Ome line, about an hour west of Shinjuku.


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Dugan San 11 months ago
Does anyone know what the dates are for the Fussa's Tanabata are for 2023?
David Carroll 2 years ago
We loved attending Fussa’s Matsuri Tanabata during our assignments in Japan at Yokota Air Base (2000-2002 and 2008-2013) and attended every year that we could. Loved the food, performances and overall atmosphere.
Kim 4 years ago
One of the best events in Fussa!