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Tokyo Ichiran

Classic Tonkotsu ramen from the 60s

Serving classic Tonkotsu (pork-based broth) ramen from the 60s, many from back home recommended me to try these delicious soup noodles. Each bowl of ramen at Ichiran involves the work of over 40 specialists and it is most famous for its red-pepper based sauce mixed with 30 types of spices! With quick efficiency, I was ushered to my booth and served with piping hot delicious ramen shortly. Thumbs up!

I probably should not be mentioning food with lavatory but… Ichiran’s washroom was one of the reasons that attracted me to visit. Lined with multiple rows of toilet paper rolls on its wall, one need not worry about a toilet paper crisis if the noodles prove to be too spicy for you!

Ichiran is readily available in various locations all over Japan. The above mentioned was in Tokyo, Shinjuku.