Tokyo Midtown Design Touch

Become connected to design in Roppongi

Oct 16th
Nov 3rd
Venue: Tokyo Midtown When: Oct 16th - Nov 3rd 2020, 12:00am - 12:00am

A visit to Tokyo Midtown is a good thing when you're interested in modern architecture. But the best month to visit might be October, since that's when you can enjoy Tokyo Midtown Design Touch, an event that's all about design.

This event has been held every year since the first one in 2007, and the number of visitors has been increasing every year. You can visit the event all throughout Tokyo Midtown, and you'll find a lot of activities to watch, experience or participate in. Most of the events are free, but at some there's an admission charge.

Midtown Garden is an open area where huge installations are built every year by top designers.

An event like this can’t be without a competition, so this event has one too. The Tokyo Midtown Award will award designers from all over the world who participated with their artwork, an architectural draft or their golden design. In Tokyo Midtown Galleria you can find a lot of art or design placed all over the complex, while the modern architecture of Tokyo Midtown Galleria serves as a great backdrop for the event.

Poster design is growing in profile, and is also part of this experience, with high-quality designs printed on high-quality paper. It's interesting to see how this technique of printing is trying to catch up to the digital industry, which is all about the sharpness of the image.

The exact dates of Tokyo Midtown Design Touch are different every year, but it starts around the middle of October and continues until the beginning of November. To get there, take the Hibiya Line or Oedo Line to Roppongi station, and go to exit 8.

Event Report (2015)

The theme of 2015 is “become connected”, and at Midtown Garden, everything is about people connecting to nature and vice versa. The architects created just one shape to be made out of wood, and built it in a range of sizes, then placed it on the field. And even though it looks abstract, the visitors take it and make it feel like it is their own, since interacting is what all this event is about.

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Kim B a year ago
Looks like a really interesting event - I always appreciate unique art and design!
Relinda Puspita 5 years ago
Just known about it. Should see it in next visit.
Yuditha Sucia Nadhiif 5 years ago
The hashi-oki idea is brilliant! who knows that you can chew it after dinner