Tonkotsu Ramen Classic

The thirty-first video from Tokyo Extra: Tokyo Ramen

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Join the TOKYO EXTRA team with Brian, an international ramen expert, as he travels throughout Tokyo seeking the most tasty and extreme ramen choices. Brian shares his ramen selections with taste testers including Rina and Rena from AKB48.

Brian, after tasting ramen in more than 1,000 shops has chosen the best classic ramen tastes and will introduce them to you: shoyu, shio, miso and tonkotsu!

In this video Rina joins Brian to eat really thick Tonkotsu ramen in Shimbashi’s “Donryu”, a shop that has been around for more than 20 years!

In order to make this tonkotsu ramen, pork bones are boiled for more than 10 hours. After that, a creamy sauce is combined with soy sauce before noodles are added.

Before even trying the dish, you will be engulfed by the smell of the soup, giving you an amazing foretaste of what is coming !

Name: Donryu
Address: Tokyo, Minato-ku, Higashi Shimbashi 1-2-13
Hours: 11:00-4:00am
Weekends 11:00-20:30

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