Totem Pole Photo Gallery

An intimate gallery space in Yotsuya

By John Carter    - 1 min read

There’s something about walking through a large open spaced gallery. Footsteps ring out in the calm silence and for a moment you obtain peace while your mind is visually stimulated by the images placed before you. However, there are some things this experience lacks and it's the intimacy and comfort only a smaller gallery can offer. Totem Pole Gallery in Yotsuya is a small and unique place offering you the chance to converse with the Photographer whose work is on display. This is a rare pleasure that would not usually be available in a major photography museum. I went to see the work of Terada Satoshi, a young Tokyo based photographer who’s series Water Balloon feature beautiful and unique images of the human body.

Totem Pole Gallery is between Akebonobashi and Shinjuku Sanchome Subway Stations (4-22 Yotsuya, Shinjuku-ku) and is open between 12:00 and 19:00, closed Mondays.

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John Carter

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I'm a Visual Effects Graduate from the UK. With a passion for photography I hope to travel Japan and capture its unrivaled beauty.