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Keeping the tradition alive

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Japan has a rich cultural heritage with many ancient arts and traditions. It has the art of comic storytelling, martial arts or the kimono. Japan also has a long history of painting, woodcutting, carving, pottery and other visual arts like calligraphy. We cannot forget its cuisine, music and literature… The traditional Japan is everywhere. You can see it. You can feel it. This is exactly what happens when you see those men cutting fresh tuna at Tsukiji fish market with Japanese swords. Actually they are not swords. They are tools. They are called Maguro bocho (“tuna knife”) or Maguro kiri bocho (“tuna cutter”). The maguro bocho is an extremely long, highly specialized knife with a blade length of 40 cm (16 inches) to 150 cm (60 inches) in addition to a long handle. It can filet a tuna in a single cut, although usually two people are needed to handle the knife and the tuna. The flexible blade is curved to the shape of the spine to minimize the amount of meat remaining on the tuna carcass.

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