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Tsukiji Sushigen Headquarters

An experience of authentic Japanese cuisine

If you want to immerse yourself in Japanese culture and experience its authentic cuisine without spending much, Tsukiji Sushigen Headquarters is one of the best places to visit, to indulge in fresh sushi or tempura served with side dishes.

Tsukiji is a small but well planned semi-studio-type Japanese-style shop with about 65 seats available. As you enter the entrance, you'll see a long counter on the left where solo customers can enjoy their meals, facing the chef as he prepares their meals.

On the right side of the entrance are tables that accommodate two to four diners. At the far end of the counter is a small cube-type kitchen where you can see several displays of both locally and internationally-made alcoholic beverages. Towards the far end is a separate small tatami room where you can sit and enjoy your meals the Japanese way, sitting on your heels on the tatami by a Japanese-style low table. 

For the convenience of tourists, Tsukiji Sushigen provides easy-to-read menus both in Japanese and English. However, while 95 percent of the contents in the menu are in text, you can also see two or three food pictures. So, it's best to inquire about their food specifications, and ask for recommendations if you do not understand what the menu says. Otherwise, researching about Japanese food before visiting Japan would be very convenient and helpful.

A set meal consists of a bowl of hot miso soup, a small dish of pickled vegetables for the side dish, and a combination of seafood and rice with a special sauce for the entree. It also comes with a glass of refillable barley tea, with your choice of hot or cold. The Japanese miso soup is served with wakame (seaweed) and slices of fried tofu sprinkled with spring onions. It's a perfect complement for the main course, a hearty sushi and rice combination. The whole meal set is ideal for one diner, and it's more than enough to satisfy your cravings and hunger.

They accept reservations; and aside from their dine-in meal services, Tsukiji Sushigen also accepts take-out orders for those who are on the go. They also provide catering services for private and corporate gatherings. For small group meetings or other personal and corporate groups who need privacy, Tsukiji also provides a private room. 

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It's just a small shop, though, but I love their food! Thanks!

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