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Yujiro Ueno Exhibition

A limited-time event at Ginza Tsutaya

Oct 16th
Nov 5th
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Venue: Ginza Tsutaya When: Oct 16th - Nov 5th 2021

From October 16th until November 5th, Ginza Tsutaya will host an exhibition of works from Kyoto-born artist Yujiro Ueno. He graduated from the Okinawa Prefectural College of Arts with a specialization in oil painting in 2019, and has participated in a number of exhibitions since then.

Ueno's works are inspired by traditional ink wash painting, the brush strokes of impressionist painters, and the multi-layered approach found in ukiyo-e works. He typically focuses on depicting the qi (the life force or energy) of living beings in his art, which results in some unique creations.

For more of Ueno's work, he can be found on Instagram here.

Getting there

The Ginza Tsutaya store can be accessed within five minutes on foot from Ginza Station (served by the Tokyo Metro Ginza, Hanzomon, and Marunouchi lines), or around the same distance from Higashi-Ginza Station (served by the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line and the Toei Asakusa Line).

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Elena Lisina 2 weeks ago
I took a look at his works in Instagram and liked them - so bright colors!
Kim Author 2 weeks ago
I really like his style!