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Yunnan is famous for stunning natural landscapes like terraced rice fields (Photo: David Stanley / CC BY 2.0)
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Yunnan Festival in Tokyo

Explore the culture of this landlocked Chinese province

Venue: China Cultural Center, Tokyo When: Jul 20th - Jul 28th 2022

The landlocked Chinese province of Yunnan is situated in the country's southwest, and is known for its spectacular natural landscapes (think snow-capped mountains and terraced rice fields), UNESCO World Heritage Sites like the Old Town of Lijiang, and being regarded as the birthplace of tea. A festival taking place in Tokyo is set to celebrate the culture of this region, and it's free for visitors to enjoy.

The Yunnan Festival in Tokyo is a multi-day event, and it includes the chance for visitors to dress in traditional attire from different ethnic groups in the province (Yunnan has one of the highest levels of ethnic diversity in all of China), sample various flavors of Pu'er tea, watch dance performances, and plenty more.

Getting there

The event takes place at the China Cultural Center in Tokyo, which is located just 2 minutes on foot from Toranomon Hills Station (take exit A1) on the Tokyo Metro's Hibiya Line.

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Peter Sidell a month ago
I've been to Yunnan! Kunming is a very fun city, and Lijiang is very beautiful, though over-touristed.