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Where to shop for second-hand goods, vintage clothes or old treasures.

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Ever wanted to stay on the cutting edge of fashion without blowing your budget? Welcome to Tokyo's vintage.
Osaka has quite an extensive collection of second-hand vintage and designer clothing stores, as well as Bohemian-inspired shops. One area in which these stores can be found is Amerika-mura, locally referred to as Amemura, meaning American Village.
This flea market has a variety of traditional goods perfect for gifts, souvenirs or household use.
In todays world of flashy gadgets and digital life-styles, there are real-world experiences which many of us crave for. Since childhood I personally have always liked to visit flea markets, where sifting through random offerings by the various sellers, communicating with them on random subjects and bargaining on the perceived value of the items, whether in Mumbai or in Tokyo, have always proved to be a deep and interesting experience.
Shinagawa Intercity Flea Markets sell literally anything and everything.
One of stores in Harajuku where you can find used-kimono complete with accessories at an affordable price.
Shopping for men and women's vintage clothes, shoes and accessories.
Tokyo's oldest flea market, the Setagaya Boro-ichi, is a great place to find all kinds of weird items and collectibles.